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2021 Hybrid Information

COVID-19 Classroom Setup


Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule


Brief Details of Hybrid Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures
First Day Hybrid

Welcome Back!!

We have been working hard to make sure the classrooms and facilities are safe for our students to return this coming week.  Our official first day of in person learning will be as follows:

  • March 25- TK-2, SDC (Cohort B lower grades)
  • March 29- TK- 2, SDC, 3- 5 (Cohort A lower and upper grades)
  • April 1- 3- 5 (Cohort B upper grades)

Please be sure to fill the Daily Student Health form each day before your student arrives at school.

NOTE CHANGES: Line Up by Grade for Pick-Up
Line Up for Pick Up
Social Distancing Traffic Flow
Traffic Flow