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Creating an Animated GIF



What is an animated GIF?

In order to create an animated gif, you need to create a sequence of images that when played one after the other create  a movie or animation. This resembles a flip book. Same concept as Stop Motion Animation.

Here is an example of an animated gif:

 example animated GIF 

It consisted of a series of images:

   forest1    forest2    forest 3   forest4   forest 5    forest 6    forest 7   forest 8

HOw to...

Step 1:

First, copy images below to your computer by using the right mouse button and clicking “Save image as …” or “Save target as…”  

bat            forest


Step 2:

View following tutorial.

— Or — On Your Own:

Step 1:

Create images – can be pictures taken with camera, pictures off the web, pictures you create. The more images in the sequence the smoother the animation. In my example I used 8 pictures.

Step 2:

Upload the pictures to the Gif-Maker website

Step 3:

Adjust speed and size

Step 4:

Download animated gif to your computer. Remember you can only view it in a browser.