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Green Screening - Weather Video Example



How To...

In these lessons you will learn a few techniques using green screening to create weather forecast videos like the ones you can see in the news. This was a project that was done with our 5th Grade classes when the science standard included weather. Also part of this series is the lesson on image editing - don't miss it.


Method 1: Using a MAC & Photobooth

View tutorial below. Want to make it more advanced, add some animation. Watch the tutorial called “Creating an Animated Gif ” followed by “Convert Gif to MP4”. Have fun.

  • Create First the Weather Forecast:

  • Create the Person on the Street skit

  • Put it All Together

Method 2: Using an iPad

This lesson uses an iPad and the following apps:

  • Google Maps
  • Green Screen by DoInk
  • Drawing app

In this tutorial, the resulting video is AirDropped to a MacBook for final editing in iMovie. Enjoy.