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Tier 1

We implement the Columbia Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Process (TCRWP) process to teach literal and inferential comprehension as well as reading fluency. The process focuses on strategy teaching, and combines both student choice and differentiated learning to engage students. It is student-centered, responsive and assessment based. The Workshop approach prepares students for lifelong reading tasks, building confident and independent readers. The well-researched Workshop methodology has been found effective over the last 30 years. To learn about the architecture of a lesson or why daily reading with applied strategy work is both crucial and effective, go to the TCRWP.

The Workshop approach does not focus on foundational skill development so we use the Wilson System’s ‘Fundational’ Program, a well-researched Orton-Gillingham-based approach, to teach phonological processing, decoding, and encoding skills in grades TK-3rd. For further information about the Fundations Program, click this link.

Tier 2

One-on-one coaching is built into the Workshop system and teachers also utilize strategic and reteaching groups to support students who need to review a strategy or skill and provide new strategies to those who require access to more sophisticated learning. Online adaptive programs, such as iReady reading, RAZ Kids, and Lexia materials are also used by teachers to meet individual reading needs. 

Tier 3

Reading Intervention Lab

The Reading Lab is designed to support students in kindergarten through 5th grade who are experiencing difficulty in reading/ language areas. A variety of strategies, including hands-on phonics practice and Fountas & Pinell comprehension lessons, are applied strategically according to student needs to support targeted progress. Students are referred for participation in the program based upon below grade level performance on benchmark running record assessments, ELA report card standards, iReady test scores, and/or teacher referral. Two part-time reading specialists provide direct teaching to a maximum of 5 students per group on Monday through Thursday mornings.