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Student Council

The Walnut Acres Student Council is comprised of two students from each class of fourth and fifth graders selected by their peers after meeting specific criteria designated by their teachers.

Fergus the Turtle

The mission of the student council is to demonstrate leadership skills by representing the needs and wishes of Walnut Acres students to the administration, support school team building, oversee the Student Council financial account, and make decisions on behalf of the student body.

Student Council members meet two times a month during lunch/lunch recess to discuss issues that are raised by students and report back to their constituents, organize activities that promote student body needs, enhance school culture, and vote on budget expenditures and/or fundraising. The students are guided by an adult representative who facilitates the group.

Student Council members practice leadership as they make financial decisions with student body funds, plan school wide activities such as spirit days, sustain school and PFC events with manpower and public relations support, and organize fundraisers for our school community or to promote community service.

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Members also have the opportunity to learn more about leadership by observing and talking to older leadership groups at Foothill and Northgate.